About Us

PT. Octoclean Total Solusi (OCTO) is a professional services company with focus on and expertise in high-altitude work using Rope Access technique.

Working with Rope Access technique is formally endorsed by and regulated in the 2016 decree from Ministry of Manpower of the Replublic of Indonesia, Number 9, Article 19, Section 6 that outlines the propes procedure for working in high altitude.

PT. Octoclean Total Solusi fully adheres to the regulation and is supported by professionals and technicians with over 10 years of experience in the facility services industry.

OCTO's Rope Access technicians are full-time employees, not freelance, certified in Health, Safety and Environment and in Rope Access technique, thereby focused on providing consistent service to clients.

Vision Mission


Menjadi Perusahaan Jasa High Rise Specialist yang Handal dan Terbesar di Indonesia


Menciptakan 1000 Sumber Daya Manusia yang Terlatih dalam Bidang High Rise Specialist hingga Tahun 2026

Our Culture

The People

  • OCTO technicians have obtained Rope Access certification issued by the Ministry of Manpower; Level 1 for workers and Level 2 for supervisors.
  • OCTO technicians are trained and certified in Health, Safety and Environment and Rope Access.
  • OCTO technicians are full-time employees, not part-time, with integrity to provide the best service for client's satisfaction.
  • OCTO technicians are experienced and accountable in their expertise.
  • OCTO technicians are well-equipped to work in high-rise setting as cleaners and handymen.
  • OCTO technicians are trained in safety and emergency.